My 2017 Achievements

First of all I just want to say how the hell is 2017 over already, I just can't believe how fast this year has gone! Anyway, as you're all aware today is the last day of 2017 and I really wanted to document the things I have achieved this year.

I spent a lot of the year doubting my work, having no confidence and just putting myself down a lot that I forgot all the amazing things I've done and achieved this year so I wanted to note them all down!




  1. I spent the entire January in my kitchen replaying the same video over and over again and learnt how to retouch skin (still learning lol)
  2. I tried Sushi for the first time and bloody loved it! 
  3. I worked a lot with Kurt Geiger and got used to shooting with my external flash 
  4. I was asked to shoot Hector Bellerin for London Fashion Week Mens, he posted the photos on Twitter AND credited me - I mean getting credited by anyone is a bloody miracle 
  5. I worked in a studio a couple of times and managed to set up successful shoots yay
  6. I shot Maya Jama and had my work printed in a magazine, how bloody cool is that!
  7. I worked with New Look and New Look Men throughout the year and created some pretty cool social content for both of them!
  9. I turned 23 and even more fabulous
  10. I did Photography as a full time career for a year!
  11. I binged watched SO many shows on Netflix (Power, Breaking Bad, Gilmore Girls, Grey's Anatomy, Jane the Virgin, Peaky Blinders, Sex and The City, I mean the list goes on...)
  12. I was in two issues of Blogosphere magazine, how cool is that!
  13. I visited Norway twice and ate a good amount of shit food both times
  14. I visited Dublin, Rome, Frejus, Cannes, St.Tropez 
  15. I flew by myself for the first time ever!
  16. I photographed some pretty cool campaigns from YSL, to Givenchy beauty
  17. I visited Bath for the first time and tried chicken and waffles which was AMAZING
  18. I improved on my cooking :)
  19. I worked with New Look for the whole of Fashion Week and had the best doughnut of my life
  20. I saved and invested in camera equipment
  21. I learnt to curl my hair
  22. I discovered color grading (better late than never)
  23. I managed to bag a shoot with Lipsy in the summer
  24. I watched another greek singer (Giannis Ploutarxos, if you know you know) live in concert 
  25. I ate a lot of Nutella 
  26. I did a shoot with Kurt Geiger on the hottest day of the year on a fake beach in Brixton and managed to catch a slight tan
  27. I did my first ever Escape Room!
  28. I shot at some cool alcohol events, Freixenet, Martin Miller's Gin etc
  29. I petted a lot of dogs 
  30. I cried and doubted myself and my work a lot but never gave up
  31. I met Claudia Schiffer! 
  32. I shot with Ted Baker twice and met some lovely people through it! 
  33. I watched Alladin at the theatre and oh my goodness it was incredible!
  34. I managed to shoot a couple of stylish women in London for WhoWhatWearUK 
  35. I went to a pumpkin farm for the first time ever
  36. I sat front row on Jonathan Ross's show and saw Dua Lipa perform live
  37. I worked on a cool project with GHD and worked with a studio light on location for the first time ever
  38. I made time for my friends, boyfriend and family because that's very important to me!
  39. I went for my annual trip to Winter Wonderland for the churros
  40. Lastly I worked with some amazing girl bosses this year and created some really cool content, I can't even begin to name them all! 

As the year was ending, I felt like I've barely achieved much this year but having written most of them down I have done so much! Improving my personal life is so important to me and I am so grateful for the people in my life! I wanted to thank everyone who has supported me this year, it honestly means so much, I am looking forward to seeing what 2018 has in store for me! 

Happy New Year! 


My trip to Rome

Hey guys, 

So I decided to start a little blog for my website (yay)! I was in Rome for the past couple of days and have taken some photos of this beautiful city so I thought why not start a blog? I didn't know where to upload all my photos to and I didn't want to bombard everyone on Instagram so here we are lol. Plus my memory is absolutely diabolical so I wanted somewhere to document my trip, the places we visited and the restaurants we ate in! I am not the best at writing at all  (in fact I actually really hate it) but I shall give it a go! So as I am new to this, please bear with me and let my writing and Photography improve in time. 

Day 1:

We flew into Rome around 1pm and we managed to get to the hotel for around 3pm by train, which was handy as that’s when, our check in was! We stayed in a lovely hotel called Hotel Della Conciliazione, which was perfect for the few days we were there. It's exactly what my boyfriend and I wanted, a basic and clean hotel, which was close to the city centre. It even included a buffet breakfast, what else could you want?! Once we unpacked and chilled for a bit we decided to go somewhere for some delicious pasta so we ended up in Cajo and Gajo which I recommend as it was close to the hotel and they gave us loads of food!

As it was my second time visiting Rome I really wanted to take my boyfriend to this ice cream place for desert which is amazing and definitely recommend it! It's called Gelateria La Romana so if you're around Rome please give it a visit because the ice cream is incredible and they add a little bit of melted chocolate goodness at the bottom of the cone. 


Day 2:

On our second day we had tickets pre booked for the Colosseum, which we were both so excited for. It was a 49 minute walk from the hotel, but we were in Rome so walking everywhere didn't bother us. We absolutely loved it there, walked around with our audio guides, took a couple of photos and then made our way to the second part of our day which was to the Catacombs of St. Callixtus. I was so so excited for this as I didn't manage to go last time! We figured out that we could get a bus (I think the 118) straight there which took us 14 mins in total so it was such an easy journey. We bought tickets once we got there (can't exactly remember the price but I know they weren't too expensive!) and we had a half hour English guide tour inside the catacombs. I honestly would recommend going, it was so interesting and something different to see!

For dinner we looked up best places on TripAdvisor and we ended up in a restaurant called "That's Amore" which was incredibleeeeee! My boyfriend ordered the Paccheri with calamari dish and I was slightly jealous because it looked insane. I ordered the Gnocchi which was just as delicious!

Day 3:

Ok so on our third day, we were knackered as we walked 18k steps and 15 floors the day before (apparently) and had binge watched a few episodes of Stranger Things 2 so we wanted to take it easy. We walked half an hour to the Pantheon and then made our way to Trevi fountain where we sat down and had an ice cream. We also tried to take some photos but it was ridiculously busy and we just wanted to get out of everyones way lol. For dinner we went back to That's Amore because well why not...but we decided to get different dishes and share a third dish each, all pasta  of course with loads and loads of parmesan!

Day 4: 

On our last day we had the Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel booked. We pretty much spent the entire day there taking in all the beautiful art and enjoying everything about the Sistine Chapel. Once we finished it all we walked over to St. Peters Basilica which was so beautiful! However we couldn't fully enjoy it as the weather was terrible, rainy and just bloody freezing! For dinner (our favourite part of the day) we decided to go somewhere local as we were recommended a few places by the hotel staff, so we ended up going to a restaurant called Da Romolo alla Mole Adriana just a 2 minute walk from our hotel for some more yummy pasta! 

I'll leave the links we used to book the Colosseum and Sistine Chapel below just in case any one is looking to pre book! I definitely recommend pre booking, saves you from queuing up for ages!


Vatican Museum: